A Very Short List…

Graphic of a digital sound on black bottom… of my favourite albums of 2014, in no particular order.

It’s a short list because I realise I have been lazy on the discovery side of things. I shall try to do better in 2015. Aaaaannnnddd… GO!

InterpolEl Pintor

Interpol is back with their solid hooks and sometimes cryptic lyrics. A solid album from beginning to end, but is well worth the price for “My Desire” alone. Also, if I’m being completely honest, 2014 is strongly linked to Interpol for me because of the huge Buffalo snowstorm of November, which left the band stranded on the side of the road, trapped in a tour bus for days, and forced them to cancel several shows including a stop in MontrĂ©al, my city. Looking forward to catching them sometime in 2015.

Manic Street PreachersFuturology

As my Manics fangirl ways are known wide and far, what a shock to find Futurology on my list, uh? But even a fangirl will admit that some albums are stronger than others, and Futurology is a freaking heavy weight. Influenced by the band’s relentless touring of Europe, it’s kind of optimistic (who knew the Manics could do that?), especially in the aftermath of 2013’s Rewind The Film–an ode to nostalgia from a middle-age standpoint.

CommonNobody’s Smiling

I’m not what you would call a hardcore hip-hop fan, but I do have a few favourites, among which is Common. Common grabbed me back in the 90’s with Like Water for Chocolate, and he hasn’t let me down ever since (though Be was a little on the short side, Common: what was up with that?). Nobody’s Smiling delivers classic hip-hop with nice funk and r&b influences. It’s delicious.

Damien RiceMy Favourite Faded Fantasy

The wait has been loooooong; many fans wondered if it was actually it for Mr. Rice. The infamous and distressing breakup with his fellow musician and muse Lisa Hannigan seemed to have kill the spark. Not surprisingly, My Favourite Faded Fantasy indeed feels like a love letter to a former lover. It’s beautiful, sad, melancholic, but also tinged with hope. You may not be hooked straight away, but give it a few listens.

So. Because my list is very short, I hope some of you can recommend your favs and your discoveries of the past year. I am all ears!